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The launch of the “Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan” project in Yerevan.

On December 22, 2023, the “Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan” project was launched at the ‘’Blockchain Embassy’’. Yerevan came to life in a virtual 3D world, creating history for the city. Odysseas Melikides, the CEO of M. Target Group, attended the event, emphasizing the project’s importance
Fastexverse, a forward-thinking company, introduced the Yerevan Project, creating a virtual copy of Yerevan, Armenia, using high-tech tools. This innovative project blends Yerevan’s rich history with advanced technology, providing a chance for everyone worldwide to explore it. Launched on December 22, 2023, the project enables people to virtually participate in Yerevan’s events and own a piece of digital space in the city.

Fastexverse used top-notch tech to capture the vibe of Yerevan. People can get virtual spaces and customize them, just like in real life or in creative new ways. It’s a big deal for Yerevan, as businesses and individuals can showcase their stuff in a fresh, unique way.

This project creates a virtual version of Yerevan for the first time, letting businesses move into a brand-new space and run things in a 3D world. The CEO of M. Target Group attended the launch, impressed by how history and technology came together. Fastexverse’s Yerevan Project shows the incredible possibilities of the metaverse, linking the physical and digital worlds.
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