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CEO of M. Target Group Odysseas Melikidis received the status of Leader of Tomorrow at the international event Crans Montana Forum.

It was with great pleasure and pride that we saw Mr. Odysseas Melikidis, the CEO and founder of M.Target Group of companies, being nominated with the status of “Leader of Tomorrow” at the international event Crans Montana Forum.

The Crans Montana International Forum annually gathers world and business leaders to discuss current political and economic topics. Since its inception in 1986, the main objective of the Forum has been to strengthen international cooperation by promoting best practices and ensuring ongoing dialogue between those in the public and private sectors.

Forum in Brussels

Last week, from June 29 to July 2, more than 300 people, including current and former heads of state, ambassadors and European commissioners, took part in a forum called “The World in Times of African Economic Sovereignty”. In general, the forum considered the problems faced by various regions of Africa, as well as the prospects for  development of the region, the provision of energy and electrification of Africa, access to medical care and the growth of agriculture and food products.

The Crans Montana Forum organizes several annual events, where decision makers, usually from around a hundred countries, meet privately and informally discuss the political, social, economic and security issues of our age.

Cyprus & Africa

Odysseas Melikidis is the only participant from Cyprus invited by the forum organizers to the event dedicated to the development of cooperation with the African continent. This year, the EU announced that such cooperation is becoming a priority for the union, as it allows to partially solve the energy crisis and increase the supply of natural resources to the European Union. In addition, African countries are now considered promising economic partners for Europe.

Read more (source): Cyprus Business magazine “Successful Business”


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