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Strengthening Armenia-Cyprus business relations.

M. Target Group, represented by its CEO, took an active part in the conference “Business Opportunities in Stable International Countries” held in Yerevan on December 21, 2023. One of the key participants of this important event was Odysseas Melikidis, President of the Department of Economic Support and Consultation of the Republic of Cyprus. He expressed the importance of the meeting, emphasizing that Armenian businesses have the potential to enter European markets through Cyprus.
The event was organized by the Council for the Promotion of International Business Relations (CPMR), which has been active in Armenia for more than 15 years. The conference was an important step in promoting economic ties and creating a platform for interaction between Armenian and foreign entrepreneurs.

The President of the Council, Mariam Manoukian, emphasized that the conference is of high importance, providing a platform to discuss the results of the year with the participation of companies that have not previously interacted with each other.

“The program consists of two phases: we will present business opportunities to Cyprus and Europe, including projects for joint activities, also our programs implemented in the U.S., which in recent years have provided 73.5 percent of opportunities for companies to export their products to the U.S., including registering companies and representing their business in different countries,” shared Manoukian.

Speaking about the opportunities for cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus, she noted that given Armenia’s production volumes in various fields, the Council is very interested in entering the Cyprus market and from there to a number of European countries.

“Since Armenian products exported to Cyprus will no longer have to undergo customs clearance to enter the European market, it will give the Armenian producer a wide opportunity to be in a competitive position alongside the well-known European and international brands,” she said.

Mariam Manukyan emphasized that 2024 will be a very busy year for the Council. The Council will support manufacturing companies to benefit from the programs offered, business support and free trainings related to planning, the speakers of which will be experienced businessmen and experts invited from abroad.

“The year 2024 will also provide opportunities for Armenian companies to visit different countries, in particular: China, Japan, India, USA, Cyprus and Czech Republic.

Odysseas Melikidis, CEO of M. Target Group and President of the Department of Economic Support and Consultation of the Republic of Cyprus, emphasized the importance of the meeting. According to him, it will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss a number of issues related to the establishment and strengthening of business ties between the two countries.

“A few months ago we already met with the Armenian delegation headed by Mariam Manoukian, and I believe that this event is very useful because Armenian businesses have the opportunity to reach out to a number of European countries, and Cyprus, being a member of the European Union, can be an important window providing Armenian businesses with great opportunities. And today we are here to present the opportunities of Cyprus and how Cyprus can become a window for Armenian business to the European markets,” Odysseas Melikidis said.
The Council for the Promotion of International Business Relations has been operating in the Republic of Armenia for more than 15 years, with the aim of facilitating and creating a possible platform for Armenian and foreign entrepreneurs, promoting the export-import process, while contributing to the development of the economic and social life of the country. During its activity, the Council has connected many local and international companies, creating a suitable environment for international business relations, development and implementation of policies for their development, as well as promotion of entrepreneurship. The Council conducts and organizes market research, exhibitions, fairs, business forums both in the RA and abroad. The Council closely cooperates and carries out joint works with state departmental bodies. Over the years, the Council has achieved many successes in promoting and facilitating foreign investments in the RA, including the export of Armenian products to international markets.
The CEO of M. Target Group expresses his gratitude to the organizers of the conference and reaffirms readiness for long-term and fruitful cooperation. M. Target Group remains committed to the principles of sustainable development and strives to build mutually beneficial partnerships. We are confident that the expansion of our business relations with the Republic of Cyprus will open new prospects for growth and development for the entire business community. M. Target Group always strives to keep abreast of the latest market trends and developments in the global economy; Follow our publications on the site and on social networks so as not to miss anything important or contact us directly if you want to know more.


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