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41, Misiaouli & Kavazoglou Street, 2nd Floor, Office 201

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Our Mission and Values:

‘Our target is the success of our clients’

Why Cyprus:

For Companies

No capital gains tax or income tax
on the disposal of shares of
a Cyprus Company

Full adoption of the EU Directives beneficial to Cyprus companies

Special taxation regime for
intellectual property items (‘Cyprus
IP Box’)

Income tax exemption for
permanent establishments of
Cypriot companies abroad

Reduced withholding tax on
dividends received from countries
which Cyprus has concluded
double tax treaties with

For Individuals

Tax-exempt ‘Non-Domicile’ status

Exemptions on gains arising from the disposal of securities

No tax on wealth, gift, inheritance and endowment

Exemption from capital gains tax on sale of out-of-Cyprus real

Substantial Tax Relief for non-
residents taking up employment
in Cyprus, during the first years of
their employment

Our clients:

Our company

M. Target Group was established in 2014 in Cyprus, a perfect location for globally-oriented companies, having since then built a solid reputation for balancing strategic thinking with a “can-do” approach as well as a loyal base of both local and international customers.

Our clients value our input because we see things from their perspective and we speak their language. We aim to keep things simple, brief and relevant. We believe in a value-adding, business-focused, long-lasting cooperation. Read More…

If you want to feel confident that your business is in the very best hands, then contact us at M. Target Group.

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