Annual Levy for Cyprus Companies in 2020

Annual Levy for Cyprus Companies in 2020

M. Target Group would like to kindly remind that in accordance with the Companies Law all registered entities in Cyprus are obliged to pay the Annual Registrar Fee of €350, payable until June 30 each year.

Please be also reminded that late payment may result in the following penalties:

  • 10% penalty when there is up to 2 months delay
  • 30% penalty when there is a delay between 2 to 5 months

Non-payment of the annual levy to the Cyprus Registrar of companies will result in de-registration (which will not allow the company to submit documents or request any kind of certificates from the Registrar of companies).

The payment of the Annual Levy can be arranged online via the Department of Registrar of Companies. Our specialists will be glad to assist you with the settlement of the Annual Levy and/or provide any further information or clarification.

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